Friday, 2 March 2012

A cuppa and homemade cake, can it get any better – I think not!

It really has been a great few days, my mum’s been visiting. We’ve been shopping, gardening, crafting and baking  (The picture of which I am going to link up to ‘do something yummy’). 

 She’s been helping out as I’m still recovering from surgery and it’s been great to have her here to share time with, chat about life and generally laugh with.  Sometimes when we’re younger we don’t always appreciate our mums, we struggle to grow up and do things our way. However, having lived away from home at various distances, from the other side of the world to now being at least three hours away. Having lost my father and life taking us to various dark places over the last few years.  I really appreciate how lucky I am to have a great mum who is willing to come and stay. She is so supportive an inspiration to others, how she looks at life and the people in it.  Always trying to see the best in others, help where she can and is my friend.


  1. It's true her mum is pretty awesome! One of the kindest ladies I know!

  2. Oh for a piece of yummy cake with my cuppa...

    1. ah will have to drop you some in with the cards