Sunday, 30 June 2013

my crafty life

Well I'm not a tidy crafter and sometimes I feel full of inspiration and at other times I sit and slowly look through the different toppers or papers and let them take me wherever the design goes.  

Sometimes it seems to depend on my mood am I feeling happy or sad, have I been out in the sunshine, with friends or busy at work. Is there an event coming up like a birthday or wedding or am I just crafting for crafting sake.  

Recently I've been experimenting with my Joy machine to cut and emboss different patterns and designs onto papers, card and vellum. It's been fun although sightly addictive to see how different designs come out on different textures glitter card vs metallic or vellum? 

I've got swirls and flowers, bubbles and dots, stars and birthday cakes.  They make a plain piece of paper or card look like so much more and change the way to make a picture.

Sometimes if I'm making a design for someone they give me the inspiration - what is their favourite colour,  hobby or what has/is happening in their life.

Or sometimes it is something that I have seen that makes me want to put it into a design. 

Like a flower, a picture, flying a kite, a piece of ribbon. What does it make me think or feel. Do I think that it links to a certain thought or to a particular event in life. Is it peaceful,  happy, a mad moment or just make me smile. And after all is that not why we craft, it makes us feel good, we want to share that with others and hope that they will see it to.

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