Friday, 24 February 2012

fun new craft

I've found a new craft tool which is just sooooooooooooo much fun - a flower loom.  I got it free from 'Simply Homemade' issue 12. It is easy to use and I've had a great time making pretty flowers.  

You can make 2 different size flowers in two different styles, large and small round and square. So far I've used wool, embroidery thread, raffia, and waxed cotton jewellery cord.

I like the rounds best and have used them on a few cards and will definitely be making more and using them for a variety of projects. I see them on candles, bags, cushions, tea cosies, hair bobs, and by adding beads broaches and jewellery.


If you find one I would certainly recommend them for crafting fun!


  1. Oh how pretty-really effective with different colours on top of each other!!

    1. Well thank you, some may appear in your commission if that's ok

  2. Great-looking forward to seeing them!!