Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Out and about at last

Well I got out of the house this weekend which was very exciting after nearly two weeks recuperating.  We went to a lovely RSPB nature reserve not far from home, and although I couldn’t walk around much to enjoy the full beauty of it all. It was great to be out in nature again.  Luckily there was a good tea shop that looked out over a lake with some bird feeders to give extra viewing success where I could sit whilst photography genius was out taking loads of brilliant photographs.  It was a lovely trip out and topped off by seeing a fox quite happily wandering around the car park checking out the smells, just wish I’d got my camera out quicker.

I did get a few shots some of which may end up on some cards before too long, either way  I will definately be going back when I can explore more.


  1. A warm welcome back indeed to the world of the living...

    Love those sepia tinged photos-can’t wait to see them on some cards now...

    1. thanks I'm starting to use some of the photo's and they are looking good - a sepia range of blank cards

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