Monday, 30 April 2012

This weeks knitting

This week I've been playing with ribbon wool. When you knit this wool you don't wrap it round the needle you put the needle through the loop.


  It's Wendy Rococo Scarf and Trims Yarn and I brought it in gold, silver and black.

 As you can see it is frilly and has little sequins on it. One ball will make a scarf and it has the instructions on the inside of the paper wrap which is very helpful if you haven't knitted with ribbon wool before.

 I used a circular needle for the first time which I had been given by my Gran. It was fun and very easy to use and was also a good way to keep the ribbon loop row on the needles safely, as you don't don't control the tension or size of stitch the loop size does. 

The joy of knitting these scarves is that they grow really quickly. There is only 10 stitches per row so you seem to be starting a new row every minute or so.

They are light and frilly and actually come out really long so you can do a double wrap round your neck.

Which is your favourite colour?

I really enjoyed knitting these and will definitely knit with this sort of ribbon wool again. has some great free patterns for this and other yarn. 


  1. All are truly lovely though for my favourite it would have to be the gold-it suits my personality...gleaming and brilliant but with expensive tastes...

    1. thank you and yes the gold is absolutely your cup of tea!