Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fluffy Tea Cosy

This week I wanted to knit but not a scarf. Hopefully at some point soon -pleeeeeeeeeease the sun will come out to stay and shorts and t-shirts will be the attire of the day. So I decided this week’s knit would be a fluffy tea cosy.

The pattern is from ‘Homemade – Gorgeous things to make with love’ by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson.  I made a few adaptations using fluffy gold and white wool instead of Aran yarn.  Also I didn’t embroider the motif on the front.

It was really lovely to knit and easy to put together, apart from I made a mess up of the pom pom!

Start by casting on 84stitches on 4.5mm needles.
Then knit row/purl row, then repeat.

At this point you knit half the work and put the other half on a stitch holder so you can make space for the handle and spout.

 You Knit 2, purl 38 knit 2 / knit - 10 times, then put the stitches on a stitch holder.

Repeat the above process on the other half.

When the two sides match knit along the whole piece of work. 

You then gradually decrease the work over the next 13 rows until you end up with 27 stitches.

Now thread through the remaining stitches and pull tight to make the top.

Stitch up the sides remembering to leave space for the spout, and add the pom pom.


I then changed my lovely but quite simple tea pot into a fluffy extravagance!  

Anyone for a cuppa?


  1. I'm liking it, maybe you can even upgrade it to mimic a novelty Welsh sheep teacosy. I've knitted only one teacosy in my life, and it was lovely. Need to dig out the pattern and try again. See here.
    I left it behind when I moved home, regretting it now. Need to see if I can find the pattern and try knitting another again.

    1. thank you Shaheen I'm rather enjoying it, makes me smile when I have a cuppa. I love the idea of making a welsh sheep cosy, love your beautiful purple one, if you find the pattern could you send me a copy please!

  2. So, so cute!! Talk about being the centre piece of a table-it would steal the show!!

    1. Well thank you it does make me smile, i might even make you a cuppa from my little fluffy tea pot. I've picked up a card for you from the art shop/gallery.